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July 24, 2014  Membership Meeting
August 28, 2014  Membership Meeting
September 25, 2014  Membership Meeting
October 23, 2014  Membership Meeting
October 25, 2014  Fall Field Clean up

AMA Silver Leader Club
AMA Silver Leader Club


Welcome to the AMPS website!
The Arizona Model Pilots Society is a non-profit organization formed for the following purposes: 1) To secure, develop and operate a flying site for model aircraft. 2) To create interest in model building. 3) To aid beginners through the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experience. 4) To promote model flying to the individual and the community. 5) To provide a progressive training program for all phases of radio control flying. 6) To provide recognition for appropriate activities. If you are considering becoming an R/C pilot I reccomend you get in touch with one of our instructors in the "Club Contacts" section of this website.

Download the AMPS flyer
Download the AMPS flyer to learn more about AMPS and getting started in radio controlled modeling. Our flyer includes information about the AMPS Intro Pilot program that can help you get started on the right foot. Click for AMPS Flyer

CAMAC Calendar of Events
Visit the CAMAC (Central Arizona Modelers Advisory Calendar) web site and look on the Downloads tab to access the latest CAMAC calendar of events. Schedule of events in PDF format

Get Geared Up
Official AMPS Gear. Hats - $10 and shirts - $15 Contact Carl Glenn - (602) 938-1595.


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